Reasons to Consider Seeing St. Kilda Chiropractors

Any form of acute or chronic pain you feel should be reason enough to consider seeing St. Kilda chiropractors. There are a lot of ways chiropractors can help you other than back pain.

Back pain is the only reason to consult a chiropractor. Other important reasons to see a chiropractor as early as possible include:

Focus on the underlying cause

Chiropractors are trained not only to treat the symptoms, but also the underlying cause of the problem.

A new study has discovered that about 30% pain reduction levels are achieved by almost 94% of patients after consulting with a chiropractor for four weeks.

Another debilitating condition that can be effectively treated by chiropractors is vertigo. In vertigo cases, chiropractors re-establish the balance within the ear’s area by subjecting their patients to specific positions.

The effectiveness of chiropractic treatment towards vertigo has a success story with 80% of patients after only 3-4 treatments.

Better sleep

Numerous studies have established that insomnia happens to 60% of people at some time in their life. It is considered common knowledge that lack of sleep over time causes serious medical conditions.

Patients were found to sleep better when subjected to chiropractic manipulation and treatment. The improved blood flow is seen as the main reason for patients to sleep better.

The body cannot relax and rest when it is out of balance. The focus of chiropractors in correcting the spine’s subluxations and misalignments suppresses the body’s stress response. Correcting the subluxations to bring balance to the entire body result in better sleeping habits.

Help alleviate chronic pain

The underlying cause of the problem is the main concern of chiropractors in dealing with chronic pain. They can come up with an effective treatment plan after determining the areas of muscle tension and inflammation.

This type of treatment process is the top reason for people suffering from chronic pain to consult with chiropractors. Studies back the effectiveness of pain treatment handled by chiropractors compared to pain clinics.

The same studies have discovered that chiropractors treating the underlying cause of the pain offer the best remedy rather than focusing on the symptoms alone.

Some complementary processes used by chiropractors to make the spinal adjustment effective include the use of TENS therapy, ultrasound, and EMS or electrical muscle stimulation.

Enhance the immune system

The chiropractic treatment shows supporting evidence when it comes to enhancing the immune system. Evidence shows the close interlinking of the immune system and the nervous system. It naturally follows that improving the nervous system automatically enhance the immune system as well.

This may be seen as a concept but history proves otherwise. The 1912 Influenza Epidemic records show that chiropractic treatment applied to patients helped to boost their immune system. The boosted immune system tremendously helped patients recover from the illness.

Do away with drug dependence

Pain relief medication is often the first line of treatment prescribed by many medical practitioners in the presence of pain. However, the inevitable side effects of pharmacological drugs worsen the problem.

Pain can only be effectively managed when the root cause is determined. Chiropractors are on the right track when they treat the root cause instead of the symptom only.

Statistics show that back pain is the main reason for 5% of people to see a doctor. The percentage might be small but the debilitating pain felt by these people can prevent them from enjoying life to the fullest. Contact Thrive Chiropractors in St Kilda for prompt assessment and therapy.