Australias very own hip hop artist Al Bino collaborated with producer Lyrics Born to communicate the dangers of skin cancer in his breakthrough hit “It’s A Beautiful Day… For Cancer”.

He promoted his new video clip on sites like MySpace, Facebook and YouTube allowing him to connect and communicate with his fans online.


    Cancer Council NSW is challenging you to create a powerful multimedia message about skin cancer and the important ways young people can protect themselves from the sun.


    This WebQuest addresses outcomes in the NSW Stage 5 English Syllabus (Media). It engages students in Visual Literacy through integrating technology into the learning experience.

Introducing Al Bino…

Not one to blend in with the rest, Al Bino is the latest edition to the Australian hip hop scene. He comes with a unique point of view and a collection of white-hot lyrics. He learnt his trade on the way up through the rap battle circuit, honing his skills and rising to represent Australia at an international level.

His breakthrough hit of summer 2008/09 “It’s a beautiful day… for cancer” is a formidable collaboration with US hip hop artist and producer Lyrics Born, who discovered Al Bino while he was touring Australia. His debut single was a big hit last summer, receiving over 250,000 YouTube views, countless blog posts and heaps of attention from the media.

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