Dental Implants Hervey Bay

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are screws made artificially to connect the jawbone to restore denture. They can as well be referred to as fixtures or endosseous implants. They are artificial tooth root that one implanted they tend to integrate with the surrounding bone and form part of the body. What dental surgeons does is graft the bone to be able to hold the implant so that those patients with less surrounding bone structure can help connect to the maxillary sinuses.

The time it takes to fix a dental implant it all depends on the bone structure and sometimes the needs of each patient. Some dental implants may take around 15 minutes, but others may take up to 2 hours. The implant procedure takes place under anesthesia, while sedation on anxious patients may be done.

Recovery time after dental implantation

It may take up to 4 to 6 weeks, and for some patients, it takes up to 12 weeks. Patients who require multiple dental implants should wait for around two weeks before traveling, hence one should meet the dental surgeon to get certification to travel.

What to do after implant

  • Plenty of rest and avoid exerting a lot of energy until your teeth heal.
  • Brush your teeth gently and carefully.

Alternatives to dental implants are

  • Fixed bridges
  • Dentures

Dental implants

Endosteal – this is a type of surgical, dental implant done directly into the jawbone. Once the surrounding gum tissue has healed, secondary surgery must be done to connect to the original one, and the artificial teeth are then attached individually to the post or even grouped on to a bridge or denture.

Subperiosteal implants- a metal frame is fitted on to the jawbone below the gum and as the gum heals the frame may be fixed to the jaws. The posts protrude through the gums, and the artificial teeth are mounted as it is done on the endosteal posts.

Oral care tips for the implanted teeth

  • Good oral hygiene by brushing twice a day or after every meal and floss daily. It is helpful to use an interdental brush so that the dirt in between the teeth can be cleaned and even the dirt on the hard to reach areas of the implants.
  • Quit smoking- People who smoke risk weakening the bone structures which may loosen the implanted teeth on the jawbone.
  • Visit your dentist- Regularly see the dentist ensure that your implants are doing
  • Avoid hard foods- foods like hard candy should be avoided so that they don’t break the crown of the natural

Steps for placing implants

  • Do a soft tissue reflection into half so that the implant will have soft tissue around it
  • Drill the jawbone and take care not to bruise the bone cells by overheating, use cooling saline or spray with water to cool down the heat generated through friction
  • Place the implant in a self-tapping manner and screwed into place with torque to avoid overloading the surrounding bone
  • Perform tissue adaptation around the implant to provide health tissue band around the abutment
  • Let the soft tissues heal before exposing your teeth to chew hard food because you might expose yourself to a painful experience when it is used before fully healing.

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