How would you convince your friends that skin cancer is an important issue?

Al Bino is passionate about the topic of skin cancer and sun protection. He chose to tell his story through a hip hop music video clip. How would you tell your story about the same issue?

Your mission is to create your own powerful story that speaks to young people about skin cancer and sun protection using a multimedia format. A few examples are a music clip, a website or a social networking site.

After you have composed your response you will need to write an individual critical reflection outlining your learning experience.

CONGRATULATIONS to Davidson High School for creating the winning entry into the Al Bino Web Quest competition! The entry demonstrated excellent use of visual literacy techniques to deliver a sun protection message to a youth audience. Your school has won a $500 JB HiFi gift voucher and well done to students Ashley, Pat and Paul – enjoy your $100 gift vouchers!

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